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Welcome to SurvivalUniverse Store

Here, you can purchase unique ranks,extras and perks that upgrade your day-to-day gameplay on our server. To start, select a server you would like to get purchase your ranks,perks or extras, then select a category on the navbar above. All the ranks on every server are upgradable, that means that you have to purchase Donator to get Donator+. Ranks will stay on the stated IGN forever! Also make sure to add your full and correct Username. All payments are handled securely through PayPal, Credit Cards & Debit Cards are accepted as well!

ae9939e94cb0f52eef32766ae9a847e78e760724.pngYou can select your way of paying by clicking on one of those!

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PLEASE NOTE that all payments are final and there are no refunds even if you get banned/muted for breaking the rules. If you chargeback any payments you will be banned from SurvivalUniverse FOREVER! You cannot buy an unban after you chargeback any payments. Also please make sure you enter your Username correctly, if you have any problems do not hesitate to join our discord and ask for help!

Where does all the money go?

  • Server Hosting
  • Development
  • Advertising
  • Server Upgrades
  • Miscellaneous Expenses